Artist Statement

Most of my creative practice is dealing with the connection between human and objects with a sense of resonant and melancholy etched in it. I try to explore this relationship through establishing some questions and create a narrative in my paintings. With my interests in the duality of content, animate and inanimate, remembering and forgetting, freedom and constraints of the conscious and subconscious mind in us, I want these objects to speak for itself through my paintings.

My recently practice is about the question “why people collect things”?

Objects, which are being possessed by human.​ Sometimes we invest emotional attachment to objects, especially those that carry memories, even to the point that we feel we can’t live without them.

This question lead me to my recent project, “Something left behind”. Within this project, I collected objects left behind by others in my private world. These objects reflect a period of time that I treasure, but also are a reminder of something lost.
Brushstrokes, scratched textures and thin application of paint creates awkwardness by decontextualizing every day objects, rendering them imperfect in unusual places, often with twisting vague lines within a composition.