How I create my artworks.(Especially in my final project)

For this final project, I called it Something Left Behind. 

My practice is always finding the relationships between human and objects. Through my research of reading the book- . I came up with the idea about how objects can form the identity, personality and memories of a human beings. I want to reveal my feelings of these objects through the way I paint. I try to limited my palette to only up to five colors in one painting. Building up the layers and gradually use smaller brushes to make the brush marks.

What kind of feelings do I have for these objests?

I put these feelings on my list. 








After listing these ideas, I came up the thought of putting these objects in a weird position, For example, a dangerous place, crowded place, inside a box or nearly in the edge...etc. Besides, I can also put some objects together to form a conversation. Also, the different situation of these objects should also be considered. For instance, old, brand new, damaged or squeezed. I might using some bold composition as well, like something cross the canvas, making a awkward composition.

What inspiring me? (text, artist and books)

Marcel Proust- In search of Lost time( Vo. 1 Remembrance of Things Past)

 "Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy. They are the charming gardener who make our souls blossom."- Marcel Proust

Richard Wentworth - Making do and getting by

 (It's a photo book which have lots of images taken on the street, a space and all of them are accidentally made)

Luc Tuymans-

(An artist and a film-maker,born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1958 and began to study fine art in 1976)

What did i do?

First, I start to collect all the photos I took before to be my reference, especially focus on the objects which are left behind in my space but not belongs to me in the beginning. Some of them are left behind by my friend who never talk to me anymore, some of them are gifts from my ex-boyfriends, some of them are a record of places i have been to, some of them are postcards from all over the world, and some of them shows the love form my family. 

I use pencil drawings to get some quick compositions. Here are some of the examples.

Composition study 1, 2019


Composition study 2, 2019

What are the photos you are referencing?

Here are some of the examples below.


What is the aims of this project?

Within the process of collecting all these objects and images, it suddenly becomes my own collection. The collection is about my memories and stories in my young age till now.

The aim of this project is to make the viewers realize that some of the objects in our life do play a important role than we think. By treasuring these objects, we keep our memories, we think with it. Some of the objects is just like a reminder of a past and some of them are the memories that you want to remember.

What is the process in my painting?

 I painted from drawings but use photos as my reference as well. The drawings help me simplify the message from the photos and gives it a feeling. I create these drawings by using charcoal and mixed it with my hands to get a feeling of vague and losing. 

I primed five layers on my linen to make it really smooth, which is a really important process. 

Then, I will use up to two colors to paint on it, mixed with a big portion of Turpertine. After that, build up layers and gradually mixed with more linseed oil and use smaller brushes.


What did I feel about what I have done? 

Within this two months, I created 10 paintings. I set my goals two months ago on creating 10 paintings and I did it. I feel satisfied and start to sense the feelings that I want the viewers to know.  I think I need to be more challenging and create more pieces of works. I can see the progress in each of them, as I paint the first, second and the third painting I start to be more controlling to the paintings. Thus, I really like the outcomes and I think I can expend the series in the following two months. 

What am I going to do next?

I am going to create a series of works which form by the collection of objects that I left behind in others places. Whereas this final project is focus on the objects that left behind in my private space.