A special visit to the British Museum. 

Geraint organize a visit to the British Museum prints and drawings room.

What did I learn from this visit?

I never know that we can have access to this special prints and drawings room in British Museum. I would have use it more if I know it earlier. 

Seeing these master's drawings and have the chance to draw from them, I try to learn their lines and compositions through drawing them and looking carefully at them.

What did I feel about seeing these master drawings and prints?

Some of the drawings I have never seen before even from the book. I feel satisfied and surprised that these drawings speak so much, even it is just created by pencils. These drawings have the process of how the artist think and their original thoughts. Their lines, compositions and marks are so beautiful and delicate.

I feel that drawings are actually quite crucial for understanding an artist. Drawings are the simplest way of creating artworks and these drawings are just amazing.  

After I try to copy some of the drawings, I feel like I know this artist a bit more. It is a good way of learning an artist's drawing way than just learning from the images on the book.

Who is in my mind that  I think also good at drawings in a contemporary way? 

The artist- Luc Tuymans. 

I always like watching Tuymans drawings. He used lots of different materials to create the drawings. Also, the papers are different, some of them are thin, creamy, gray or brown, and they all got different textures.

In one of his book, called Luc Tuymans- Designs Drawings. Here is what he thought about drawings. He said: "The drawings has a much stronger affinity to writing, to mental expression than a painting can ever have. A painting can be painted over, a drawing cannot be drawn over. "(Pg.47)" I think drawing is instinctive, more so than painting."

What am I going to do next?

Think more about a drawing. Sometimes, it might be as good as a painting. think about the paper, sizes, colors and textures. Do not just draw the sketch on a sketch book, but think about doing it on another paper.