Extended my knowledge of objects by reading books


This is the beginning of my thinking process, which leads me to the question of why people collect things? 

Also, what is the reason to show these often intimate stuff to the public? 

Jean Baudrillard discuss subjective discourse or the non-funtional system of objects in The Object Reader. 

He discuss about the point of what is the meaning of possess. If you use refrigerator as a refrigerator then you are not possessing it. But only when the time you possess something without using its own function and the experience of how you possess it, it becomes what you possessed.

To me, I also agree with argument. I think a collection should have a subjective and meaning behind it. What is including in the collection should be without its functionality but pure related to the collectors. I discuss more of this point in my contextual essay.

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When the time I read this book- Collecting:  An  Unruly  Passion.(Muensterberger W., 2014)  I found out the idea about the passion of possession with Walter Benjamin's words. He said"Perhaps “a  book, a  glass,  or a  typewriter is  to  most people simply an object but to  the  knowing  collector,  such  an  object  in  Benjamin’s  words,  lives  “the  period,  the region,  the  craftsmanship,  the  former  owner”. Related to this idea,  I have a deeper discussion in the essay below.

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