Helpful ideas and the key point

About Residency

How to write the Proposal ? (Few steps below)

1. Ambitious but realistic

2. Write down few lines of summary

3. After that, open these lines up a bit

 -Why you need this opportunity?

 -What are you going to do during the residency?

 -Open call (application process)

Know who are your audience/ Make sure the word count/ Be nice and clear/ Good quality of images

What happens next?

If you passed the proposal process then it goes to the interview process

1. Talk more about your practice and more details about the proposal

2. Normally it is going to be 30 minutes

3. Practice before you go

Talks about Curating a Show by Geraint. 9, May,2019

-Book: Ways of curating by Hans Ulrich Obrist

*Points to think:

- What art can be?

- Curating: Try to generate an idea and ask artists to fit in (How does that work?)

- Making art and Showing art

- International show and abroad (get more funding and resources)

- Always think about what did not go well this time, then do it better next time

- Getting people to view can be really useful, try to get into as much as group exhibition and again get people to come

- Being able to organize a show and get your works out!!!

- Think about the idea of shifting the scale

- Writing proposal for curate a show(500 statement and who do you want to invite?)

- Possible outcomes of curating a show: commission an essay in the end/ panel discussion/ Talks and event

Talks about Celling the work and pricing. 22, May,2019

-About price and size: If you are selling work in same size they have to be same price

-How to establish your price? (Do Research!)

  • Market

  • Material cost

  • size

  • experience

  • reputation

  • - Small work is always more salable!(maybe postcard size)

  • - Do not afraid of having conversation and relationship with people. You will never know whether they are a collector or not. They might interested in your works.

  • - About Gallery consignment: What is a consignment notes?

  • -About copyright: DACS

  • - Make your own business cards / Create a catalogue about the price of your work, make a list / Use social media to gain more interests

  • Points to think about:

  • Things you might want to do as an artist. Use your creativity. Do the best you can.

  • Say Thank you!!(To the people you met and be polite)

  • About commission: thing about the deposit, it can be 30% of the price you negotiate. Even an email can be the contract and make sure you get paid for the cost of the material and your time.(daily paid or weekly paid)

How to develop a research question and metholodge? 17, Oct,2018

First, reading around your practice ( Start from where you are, now.)

-Look, listen, wonder, test out ideas.(Including any kind of text you have read and written, film, documentation,images, audio material, exhibition catalogoe, interviews, conversations...etc. )

-Keep a way of collecting all of this (I chose to write it down on my note book and keep the record on my computer.)

-Create a research file can be really useful (Both primary and secondary sources)

Second, find the questions.

-Reflective on a subject and then do the reflective thinking and writting.

-Choose a specific subject. Form a question.

Here is the sentences.

How does....., focusing on...,... and .... Through ...(Frame your main subject by using these words)

Third, proposition! 

Fourth, frame your question.

 -What do you want to find out?

-What do you hope to achieve?

-Why do you think your research is worth doing?

-Who do you envisage your audience to be?

-What is the relavent literature and practice?

-What procedures or process you might use?