• Yiting Liu

A lecture hold by Fran Norton

Collecting, Documenting and Representing Everyday Archives



We have become a culture that defines itself as mush by what we have as by what we do.

-Utilizing context: collecting, classifying and the Museological…


-Reference: British museum

  • Artist: Marcell Duchamp, Ron pippin, Joseph cornell, Karston Bott, Patrick Pound, Fran Norton, Barton lidice Benes

  • Books: Significant Objects

  • Exhibition: Talk to me what is talk to me/ the house of fairytales

  • Idea: Fictional life, Fancy interiors, mapping our time/ collecting memory/

  • Art works: Herbert Distel museum of drawers/ Mark Dion, Thames Dig, 1999/ Susan Hiller At the Freud museum and Susan Hiller Witness/ Andy Warhol’s archive / Fiona Hall/ Tania Kovats, Oceans

- Topic:

1. Economic, Consumerism

-document online purchase , eBay amazon selling stuff ,banking , money transfer,

2. Environmental

-amazon package, plastic used,

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