• Yiting Liu

Artist- Alison Watt

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

A shadow on the Blind in Parafin gallery, London, 2019

-What is this series about?

This series of artworks constitute an interrogation of the genre of still life. The artist was inspired by Thomas Warrender's still life(1708)in the Scottish National Gallery, the only known oil painting by the artist.

Still life, Thomas Warrender, 59.10 x 74.30 cm

-What do you like about her work?

I Like the way she focus on painting the object itself. Especially I like the canvas one. It draws my attention to it and I start to looking at it for quite a long time.

Her works looks like monochrome in the first sight but when I walked closer to the painting, it's actually a delicate and realistic painting.

I like how she handling the light and the shadow are so beautiful and natural.

-What ideas came up to your mind when you saw the paintings?

Her subject is around papers, canvases, letters and books. All of them are so simple and overlooking by the people. But in her painting, I saw the beauty in these humble stuff.

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