• Yiting Liu

Artist: Fay Ballard

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Fay Ballard, who often create black and white drawings in a delicate way, one of her exhibition in 2014 called “House Clearance Illustrations”. From her series of drawings, Memory Box: About my Father(Fig.5), she carefully selected the objects and use the most modest way to draw these objects. For me, I feel these objects are somehow linked to my personal experience. She said about the works, Flipper, "The flipper had been used as a doorstop since I was about 14 – it was my brother's – and there it was still, covered in a beautiful, fine dust. When people look at the flipper, they often say they see a woman there wearing some clothes. That's my unconscious working." This exhibition reveals the power of objects and how it links to humans memory and connection.

I really like the way she presented these objects, super delicate and beautiful drawings. Although I never see her real work but I can still feel the intimacy within the objects her paint.

I think the power of these drawings are from the way she narrative it into a "house clearance", which have a sense of old stuff needs to go and the feeling of remembering and forgetting.

After seeing these works, I try to do some dry point prints. I think this way takes more time but the long process of making the image can also be a part of practice. It allows me to put my feelings into the print. I have to do more experiment about it and try a bigger plate.

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