• Yiting Liu

Luc Tuymans

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

A artist who said: "I wanted the painting to look old form the start, which is important because they are about memory."

-What did I learn from looking at this artist works?

I like the way he created this paintings in a way of fading imagery. His color palette are often reduce to up to five colors. His works reminds me of memories, stories and the past time. I especially like the way he handled the light, make me wonder about where does the light come from. For example, in the second painting, Empty room, it looks full but also empty with only the plain furniture and without the trace of people living in. I like the contrast in the content of this painting.

-What do I feel about his works?

His work have lots of gestures and brush marks. also, his work have a feeling of fading memories. All the lines within his paintings are ambiguous and not super straight. The background of this series of painting are nearly plain, so that the viewers can focus on the objects.

-What am I going to do to know more about his works?

I have booked the tickets to Venice to see his show this September, 2019. I want to see how he choose the sizes of his painting and the thinness of paint in it. What I can do now is to borrow the catalogue from the library and see his artworks on books. Also, knowing the process of how he made his work. Her are some of the books that I am going to read and do the research, including La Pelle- Luc Tuymans, On& By Luc Tuymans, Luc Tuymans : Premonition ; Dessins, drawings and Luc Tuymans : graphic works, 1989-2012.

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