• Yiting Liu

Who inspiring me?

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

The Artist- Alex Hanna

Alex Hanna, Sweet dreams 1 Oil on canvas 75cm x 60cm

I am interested in looking at how the objects have been present in her works. In her pillow series, all the pillows has been put in a vertical way, which makes me think that the pillow somehow wake up. There's a sense of humanity etched in it.

The composition in her work is also interesting. I think it really works because the painting don't need any other background but just to emphasize the object itself. Somehow, when I looked through the series of pillows, I think they are waving at me. They come alive in her paintings.

Alex Hanna, Pink 3S Oil on linen 75cm x 60cm

I really love her works, in this painting, I feel like she is trying to use paper to fold a head. The color palette she used in all her paintings is kind of the same, toned down and just like the objects itself, so humble and simple. I love the beauty in humble things, especially everyday objects.

After I saw her work, my work start to have some changes. I intentionally zoomed in a bit when I start to paint the objects. The outcomes work well I think, the way I arrange the objects in my painting and try to make them "talk" to each other. I start to use brushstrokes to make the painting flow a bit more and make some protocols on the objects.

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