Feedback and How to improve?



It's really nice to have a talk with Geraint. I can know about how he feels the work and how much a painting can talks to the viewers.

What did I do?

For unit 1 assessment, I chose one of the pictures I took before, which was a photo of my home where I lived for 23 years. I want to paint something related to my memories and feelings, and somewhere I am familiar with.

Why I chose this photo?

I carefully painted these umbrellas, using brush strokes and more colors whereas I painted those shoes more unlively to make a contrast. My intention is to create a narrative in my painting within these little objects. 

What did people think about it?

It's interesting that Geraint  said my painting is in a poetic way and have the intimacy in it. I really like artworks from the period of expressionism and I think it makes a great influence to me as well. For example, I went to the Pierre Bonnard's exhibition in Tate. There are lots of colors mixed in his paintings, layers and interesting composition.

What am I going to do next?

After this assessment, I'm going to collect as much photos as I could and maybe paint a series of the objects in my childhood home to form a collection. The artist- Fay Ballard, who drew a series of domestic objects is a really good reference. One of her exhibition, called House Clearance,  

UNIT 3 Tutorial



How to choose the objects?

Start by creating more drawings of domestic objects for practices and also think about what's the story inside. Why these objects  are matters to me? How to put these objects within an arrangement of settings?  In addition, think about how to form a conversation between these objects. What are they speaking for itself?

Who is the artist that I am referencing?

Inspired by the artist, Pierre Bonnard. I love the color he used and the intimacy feelings etched in his paintings. He often create his works from a photo and then use pencil to draw a sketch. After that, start his painting. I love his sketches a lot, which include mixed lines, marks and a feeling of a moment. He was also good at handling the light color and composition. 

What did people think about it?

There is another point that Geraint points out a bit, which is he can see how I used paint to create a sense of poetic and narrative, and that is the reason why the way I used oil paint becomes really important in my paintings.

What do I feel about what I have done?

I do like trying the new way to paint, use a wide range of color palette and build up the layers. I feel like it is a bit hard to control as there are too many colors to be considered. Also, the composition is too complicated and I want to simplify it. So, maybe focus on just the object and use up to three colors in one painting. I especially like some part of this painting, which is the part that I keep the thinness of paint. Even the thinness speak more that the overlapping part.

What am I going to do next?

Collect more photos of my childhood home and try out the composition using sketch(black and white). Thinking about paint a series of family objects, also, try to create a narrative within these paintings through their different composition, arrangement and sizes. 

Start with some simple objects and spend more time on it. Also, use a certain palette of color, so that I don't need to be too worry about the colors.   

What is also important in this stage?

Improve my Artist Statement.

Unit 3 Presentation




  • film reference: Nostalgia

  • Places to go: Reading Museum

  • The way of presentation- improving next time, practice to not hold the draft but just write down some bullet points and built up the sentences

  • Try to contact the Artist (Kristy Chu) again and also write down a proposal for collaboration. (Maybe curate a show with the artist in Taiwan )

  • Read again the book- The Object Reader

  • Create more drawings about the outcomes 

Assessment Feedback(Unit 2)


-Cabinet of curiousity

-Spend more time on each painting, give myself more time to make each of it.

-select 'the objects' more carefully

-Think about the color tone and palette/ build up layers

-Think about what is the difference between Van Gogh's shoes and my shoes.

-The form of my painting- reference to some paintings and artists (find the composition and play with the light)

What am I going to do next?

Collect the photos of the objects that I want to paint. Start with drawing the composition and see how does it look. It is really important to decide what are the objects I want to paint and select them carefully. I intended to crop the image or magnify it and manipulate the image a bit to create a cinematic image.

Who is the artist that I am referencing?

Inspired by the artist, Fay Ballard, her works are so delicate and beautiful. Also, I can feel the emotional connection within her drawings. I find out that show the works as a series can create a powerful outcomes and to make the viewers embedded in through the eye moving from the first drawing to the fifteenth. So, the amount of collection(several paintings or drawings) is quite important.

Unit 4 project brief

What am I going to do for my final project?

For my final project, I am thinking about forming an identity by creating 10 paintings(or more).

I focus on the objects which are left behind in my private space and they all hold my memories and stories. Also, I am going to contact with others who have my stuff left behind in their space, which will be an interesting process.

Who inspiring you?

I will say Luc Tuymans.   

How to display all these works on the wall?

Here are some of the ways that I think it might work.(Various artist works)


Are you going to frame your etchings?How to display these etchings with your painting? How to use the space you have?

I am thinking about either frame it with a thin black frame or use some little magnet to pin it.

I am going to use the same sizes of paper to print these etchings, so that they can be in the same format in a way. Because I use different sizes of the plate so it is Important to use the same size of paper. 

I will leave a plain wall for my etchings. So, they can stand out by itself.