Artist's studio- Grayson Perry and Chila Kumari Burman

Grayson Perry

Artist's studio visit and talks

*Points to think about:

  • Find out who you are and the most interesting thing of you! Being creative!

  • Trust your intuition! It’s always about you!

  • Whatever you are thinking when you are doing the work ,write it down! People you talk to and have conversation with. 

  • Keep your sketch book

  • What makes you wake up everyday? The answer is : Your passion of art!

  • It’s all about your decision! You always have to choose even when you are choosing which movie are you going to see on Netflix.

  • Always keep your value. Never sell the sketch book. Do works for yourself not for a show or for something else.

  • Visual pleasure! Always about one color with another color, not just a favorite color!

  • If you are really doing what you love and makes art , all the things will come as consequence! And... you need lots of lucks!

  • When do you think the works is finished? The answer is :Avoiding cliche’ and look back your subject and visual language and marks that you like

  • You have to speak your art! Drink lots of wine and talk to people ! Join the opening and start a conversation. People likes to work with interesting people .

  • Finding your own voice ! Keep doing your own thing and don’t give up. Maybe after 10 years you’ll find who you are and how does that working in the art world. It might take you 20 years. 

  • Five key words : fun(funny) ,detail ,organization, make lists, surprise yourself (you can’t get bored of your own work) always do something that interests you! Experiment ! , Communication is important( communicate the things that you want to say)


What did I feel about this visit? What did I learn from it?

When the time we stepped into Chile's studio, we are shocked by the amount of artworks that she had made and storage. Some of them are sculptures, and the others are collage and prints.

Chila told us about her experience of being a professional artist and how she get into the art world. She showed us her previous artworks when she still in college.


I am impressed by these two artworks below. One is the artist used her own body to create the textures by applying the paint directly on her body. She said that this work is a homework, which her tutor ask her to create textures. And, I think this is amazing!

The another one that I love is the one created with 42 bras, which belongs to the artist herself. I think she is so creative and hardworking that made her into a successful artist I would say. 


Kaohla, me and Chila in Chila's studio(from left to right)